Torrington Photos of Today 

As I wander around Torrington and the area, these days, I keep my little digital camera with me. I will take photos once in a while, which I believe have some significance of memories of our days at THS. I will add to this from time to time, so please check in frequently. I welcome any suggestions ! Jack Wallace

Downtown Torrington Days started 7/11/13 for the 2013 Season with over 2000 attending. See anyone you know ? NOT !!

The Warner continues to be the highlight of Downtown Torrington !
Torrington Politicos

Mayor Ryan Bingham and his Wife. Will not seek re-election
The nationally known THS Band

St Peters Drum Corps

In memory of those who served

One of many youth organizations, Brownies, Scouts etc.

More Scouts etc.
View looking North up Main St.

Torringford Vol Fire Dept

Torrington Library

Scene from Coe Park
Thought the photos below, would bring back some fond memories of Memorial Days in Torrington !
View looking North from Center Bridge. Still looks the same !
THS Marching Band sporting new uniform colors.

THS Marching Band, proud winner of many awards !

City Officials led by Mayor Ryan Bingham & his dog !

Torrington Police Department, Coe Park in background.

Torrington Fire Department, responded to two major structure fires hours before !

St Peters Drum Corps, always great, consistantly sharp, always present !

TPD Cruiser leads the parade with step-off at 9:30 AM. Thousands attended !
Crowds gathered at So Main and Litchfield Street

Just a part of the Grammar School Bands

Drakeville VFD's New Tanker. Marked "City of Torrington Fire Services"

Torrington's successful Main Street Marketplace opened again for the 2012 season with an outstanding turnout. Many new vendors, more food and a variety of entertainment make these evening truly enjoyable. Get to see many old friends as well, plus a lot of new faces who one has never seen before ! If you make it to Torrington in the summer, it is held every Thursday evening from 5-9 PM. Jack 070212

Thursday nights come alive in downtown Torrington with the Downtown Marketplace which started last year. As you'll see above, it is drawing great crowds. In the foreground, you see tables set up in front of the Yankee Pedlar. Lots of food vendors, produce, crafts etc. Fun !!!
Nearing completion, 11/5/10, East Main & Torringford Street
It's great just what renewal of acquaintances have occured since our fantastic reunuion ! So here I was, working away in my home office when my phone rings ! It was Marlene Piccolo Salvatore asking where I lived as she wanted to stop by with a surprise ! Said to myself, " Why did I ever give my cell number to that woman !!" Lo and behold, she shows up with Madelyn Doyle Riccardi, and THAT was a great surprise ! We had a memorable visit as indicated bt the photo below. By the way, in 2nd grade at St Francis School, Madelyn and I were in a Christmas play...she was the Virgin Mary and I was Saint Joseph !!! Bet you can't believe that one ! Enjoy !! Jack 8/20/10

Remember the Bethlehem Fair ? It's bigger and better than ever ! 9/11/10

Newest addition to the East end ! Completed in Summer 2010 and is located behind Moscarillo's Greenhouse with entrances from East Main and also from Torringford Street

Torrington hosts a Farmer's Market in the downtown Plaza during the Summer months. Many area farms participate. Took this shot of mum's for sale, looking North.

Taco Bell construction progresses on the corner or Torringford and East Main streets. 9/11/10

Wider view, including the Union Savings Bank (new name) and formerly the Hilltop Inn on the NW corner.
 Remember the Mobil gas station actross the street from the "Apple House" at the top of East Main ? Well, as of this date, it's gone, and a new Taco Bell is about to rise from the rubble !!!

Not sure what everyone is looking at ??

Just a part of the crowd !

Willie Wonka & cast, from the Warner group, performs to the delight of many !

Street vendors selling hot dogs, fried dough, pork sandwiches etc.

Downtown Torrington is alive ! The four photos above taken Thursday night, 7/22/10. This is the third week we attended and the crowds continue to grow. Ran into many old friends. This is a project of the Downtown Torrington Development group and is intended bring people back to downtown and it's working !


During the summer of 2010, the Torrington Development group started a project, sort of a Torrington Expo, whereby vendors, entertainment etc. come into downtown on a Thursday night. The project is designed to get people to, once again, come downtown, just as people did when we were in high school. Remember all the stores were open on Thursday night, as most people working at the factories were paid on Thursdays ! So far, the project is working as evidenced by the photo above.

The front steps have changed a bit, but this was the main entrance to our THS. Many a photo was taken on these steps including the great color shot in our Classbook as shown below, just so you have a live comparison of then and now !

A view we'll all remember as we approached THS from Church/Prospect St. Remember your home room on upper floor ?
Now a courtyard, this once was Church Street which separated the two buildings of THS, and continued to Migeon Ave.
What was our freshman building, (Wetmore) here it is today, looking south from the main entrance steps of THS
View today from the Barber Street side

Ah yes, the YMCA, the pool, the dances, the gym etc etc.
Still here, the historic Conley Inn/Yankee Pedlar

Historic and totally refurbished, The Warner Theater !!
Once Mertz's department store, it's now a Brew Pub !

The site of our first night events. A whole new theater has been built with a very significant donation from Ray and Carole Neag. This was once an alley that ran between the Warner and the Mertz building. It is now enclosed, carpeted and is the entrance to the main lobby for the Nancy Marine Theater.
Did you attend North School ? It's now the home of the Torrington Police Department ! Yes, while you probably felt you were in jail at the time you went here, you really had no idea that you were looking into the future !!
This is the beautiful lobby area of the Nancy Marine Theater/Ray and Carole Neag Center where Friday evening's show and buffet will be held. (October 2, 2009) We will have registration in this lobby as well. This brand new facility is located and attached, via a floating membrane, to the rear of the old Mertz Department Store. You will be amazed !
You will enter the theater through these three doors, and once inside, you will truly be impressed with what the Warner Theater has accomplished here. It represents one of the most state-of-the-art venues here in CT and likely throughout New England as well. What a great night we will have here !!

This is the site of what will be Saturday night's activities (October 3, 2009) including food, drink and entertainment. The views here atop Hill Road in Harwinton are breathtaking, and we'll be here during the beginning of our spectacular fall foliage season. You can see more at

Now in its 61st year of continuous existance, Carl Bozenski's Christmas Village lives on and continues to thrill all visitors, young and old, to this day. Remember standing in those long lines ? Carl, a wonderful guy, was the father of our classmate, Dick Bozenski !
Sign of the times ! The combining of St Francis and St Peter's Schools. Originally St Peters School, it is located behind St Peters Church on East Main Street.
With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, this is where we'll take the group photo, around 6PM, Saturday night, Oct 3. This is called "Archway Bridge" at Fairview Farms Golf Course, looking down from the porch, just off the main dining room. The view is spectacular !