Grammar School Photos 

Now these will really take us back !! We all came to THS from different grammar schools within the city and some from out of town as well. I've received a few so far and if you have them from your grammar school graduating class of 1955, please contact me. I can scan them and get them up on the site. For the moment, check out these great photos !


Courtesy of Gretchen Muller Ross, we have this excellent quality photo of the South School 8th grade graduating class, 1955. The school, located on South Main street has since been converted to apartments. Look carefully and you'll see some very familiar faces including Rich Knapp, Janet Sikora, Tomasso Rendino, Arnold Staire, Ray Belding, Jim O'Conner, Kevin Gilson, Ed Ostrosky, Lou Baccei, Marlene DeBrot, John Cellerino, Ann Accardo, Al Moser, Doramae Bray, and Gretchen Muller, just to name a few. If you recognize any others, drop me an email ! Enjoy !! Still looking for East, Southeast, Riverside etc photos !
Photo's a little rough, but this is the South School Girl's Softball Team, sent to me by Marge Roy Espenshade. Some names include: Front Row Roseann Clapp, XX Marge Roy, XX, Kaye Lovallo, X Rose Ann Meeker. Back row: XXXX June Rhone, Noreen Raspiller, XX, Mr. Rude. X's denote unidentified persons within the row. Kaye Lovallo played softball ?? Maybe that's where she learned to dance !!
Sacred Heart School, Class of 1955 ! Some very familiar faces there ! Check out Jack Zaharek in the back row ! He was 7'12" back then !! Names below..
Thanks to Janet Vater Eucalitto, we now have this really nicely kept photo. Bet you will recognize some faces here !! We continue to look for other grammar school's graduation photos including East, South etc.
Thanks to Dave Ferrato for providing me with the original glossy of this St.Francis classic ! Looking at the names, you know the best kids came from St Francis !! But wait, I'm in this photo !!

Now here's a real great photo ! The Torringford School, graduation class of 1955 ! Thanks to Will Revaz for sending this along !! Some very familiar faces in this group ! If anyone has any complete class photos like this from the other grammer schools of our time, please get them to me. I'm personally interested in St Francis, my alma mater !!


 The 1955 graduating class of the Migeon Avenue School, courtesy of Heather Yale Gromko (1st row, 2nd from left) Signatures of many in this class are shown below.

Harwinton Graduating Class of 1955 ! Before the days of Lewis Mills High School, we allowed them to join us at THS !!

 LEFT TO RIGHT (ABOVE) Front Row: Laura Anderson - John Lilley - Donna Bigos - Ronald Visini - Elaine Pietrani - Leroy Richardson - Emily Frost - Frank Paganini - Rosemary DelGobbo - Jose Dlugokinski - Patricia Cable - Harold Thompson - Penelope Morse - Edward Nadeau. Second Row: Diane Woiciechowski - Wayne Zbell - Beverly Budney - Louis Marinelli - Sarah Blayer - Gerry King - Marguerite Ingraham - Richard Levine - Joan Durstin - Donald Church - Sally Jasch - John Moody - Madge Decker - Frank Rarick. Third Row: William Gordon (teacher) - John Minella - Warren Sanford - Sandra Roscello - Marvin Woodilla - Eileen Novajosky - Joseph Jacquemin - Linda Bedford - Steven Shuhi - Joyce Hock - Don Jewitt - Jeanne Glassfedder - Joseph Zontok - Martha Plaskett - Mrs. Barrett (Teacher). Absent: Thomas O'Meara (broken leg)

Great classroom photo, Torringford School, Circa 1955. Christmas time. Courtesy of Mike Maher