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Saturday, Sept 21 and Sunday, Sept 22, 2019.
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Chatterly's Group

 See the video clips of our entertainers at the 60th Reunion at Chatterly's: Thank you Will Revaz for this video !!Click here:

60th Reunion Photo Library

Final Reunion Committee Meeting/Celebration 9/19/19 Tony's Restaurant, Migeon Avenue.
 Below: Classmates brought their antique, fully restored cars, on display, Fairview Farm Golf Course. Will Revaz's Model T, Jack Zaharek's Ford Coupe, and Gene Perregaux's Hot Rod. Real touch of class and spectacular wormanship !!
 Notes regarding the antique cars: From Will Revaz: The facts about my Model A are that it is not a model A but a Model-T which was produced for 19 years prior to the model A which began to production in 1928. My Model T is a 1912 model, serial number 83,316, meaning that it is in the first one percent of Model-T production that totaled over 15 million cars. I bought it in a semi-restored condition running and for the trip across the country, I had the engine and complete drivetrain gone through for reliability. When I began the trip it had just a little over 1000 miles on it. Now it is approaching 6000 flawless performance miles. The engine produces 20 hp and was the same used from the beginning of production in 1919 to 1927. It runs very well on today’s unleaded fuel as there was no unleaded fuel in the early part of the 20th century.

From Jack Zaharek: The car is a 1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster. It was the top of the line for a Ford two seater car in 1931. It took me two years to complete the restoration with technical help from Will Revaz. The project was completed ten months ago. This was my first attempt at restoring a car. I developed the skills to restore the Model A by having a hobby of restoring and customizing Harley Davidson Motorcycles for over thirty years. I own a number of Harleys which include a 1951 with a side car , a 1965 full dresser, a 1958 trike and a 1955 chopper. I took my first ride in 1950 on a Harley and have been riding on a regular bases for over fifty years. Put 172,000 miles in six years on one Harley and 127,000 miles in five years on another which I still own. I have crisscrossed the country numerous times and there isn't a week that goes by, except when I am on vacation with Rose Marie, that I not on a bike going somewhere even if it just to take a ride around the north west hill of Connecticut.
Gene Perregaux: Awaiting Info

Fairview Farm Sunday Brunch 9/22/19 

 One more photo ! From this morning's Waterbury Republican, 10/11/19.
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 Ground Transportation

 List of Attendees as of 9/22/19

Remembering our memorable, fun times at Torrington High, at a time when life was so much less complicated. Saturday, September 21, and Sunday, September 22, 2019 Chatterly’s Torrington and Fairview Farm, Harwinton Hold this date ! Also, if any of your contact information has changed, PLEASE let us know. Email to: and include Maiden name. No email ? Just call and update me at: 860-689-3832. We look forward to seeing everyone at this “fun for all” epic event !!!! See: for reunion updates. Formal invitations with costs, details etc.,were mailed early June.
Chatterly's Main Building ( Was Deleo's Grove, Cornucopia ! ) Saturday's event
 Recent photos below, taken 8/29/19, give you a perspective of the Chatterly's facility, including ease of access.
Covered, drive thru, entryway, easy access, NO STEPS !
Totally wheelchair/walker accessible !

Main entrance lobby

Fittingly, our reunion room is the Torrington Room. To your left as you enter the lobby.
Our trained reception team will check you in, and assign your meal tickets
Reception/Check in tables

Upper left, front of the room, are the bar and rest rooms.

Lobby balcony, where we will take the group photo
Event hall view from the back/entry door. Bar located upper left corner

Event hall at Chatterly's, Front of room, looking to back
View from porch at Fairview Farm, Harwinton (Sunday's location)
Fairview also has a covered, drive-thru entrance (Portico) for easy, NO STEPS, access.
 The planning begins !! We held our first meeting on Monday, October 15, 2018, at the home of Heather and Steve Gromko. Heather created this unique cake for our meeting using a photo from a past reunion. Lots of discussions...lots of work to do. Update 10/19/18. Two dates and locations now confirmed. Saturday, 9/21/19 at Chatterlys (Cornucopia)( Pictuted above) and Sunday Brunch, 9/22/19, at Fairview Farm GC.(Photo above) Need updated information for EVERY classmate. IMPORTANT: If you, or some classmate you know, has moved, changed email address, phone numbers etc, please let me know at: or call 860-689-3832.