Torrington High School, Class of 1959
 50th Anniversary Weekend In Review, October 2-4, 2009
 And what a weekend it was ! Never in my life have I experienced such excitement, joy and sense of accomplishlent, as I did this weekend. Watching people, who, in as many as 50 years, were seeing each other for the first time, hug, kiss, laugh and even cry, was just so gratifying to me and the entire committee and especially Art Frigo ! In these ensuing web pages, I'll attempt to cover the highlights, both via photographs as well as some commentary, so that hopefully, you will never forget this "Reunion of a Lifetime". This will take a while as each photo must be sized to fit and there are lots of photos, so it will be a work in progress over many weeks !

50th Anniversary Reunion A Roaring Success !

 October 2-4, 2009

Below: Official Reunion Photos. Had to split in to two parts (left & right sides) as photo was too big for my scanner.
 It's great just what renewal of acquaintances have occured since our fantastic reunuion ! So here I was, working away in my home office when my phone rings ! It was Marlene Piccolo Salvatore asking where I lived as she wanted to stop by with a surprise ! Said to myself, " Why did I ever give my cell number to that woman !!" Lo and behold, she shows up with Madelyn Doyle Riccardi, and THAT was a great surprise ! We had a memorable visit as indicated bt the photo below. Don't worry, I'll move this photo elsewhere, but just could not resist the temptation to post this ! The Devil made me do it.!! By the way, in 2nd grade at St Francis School, Madelyn and I were in a Christmas play...she was the Virgin Mary and I was Saint Joseph !!! Bet you can't believe that one ! Enjoy !! Jack 8/20/10

Official Class Photos Below..had to split into two parts as the photo was too big for my scanner !!

 STATISTICAL OVERVIEW: Attendees: 267, Classmates: 165, Percent of available classmates attending after 50 years: 69% !! This number calculated after subtracting the deceased and missing classmates from our original number of 292. Friday night attendees: 245, Saturday night attendees: 236, Sunday brunch: 112, Warner Tour: 53, Vogel (Old THS) Tour: 78, Historical Society/Museum Tour: 33, Number of former THS teachers attending: 3 (Maskovsky, Moscaritolo, Meyers) Attending classmates living in CT:125 or 75% of those attending. Still in Torrington, 30% not including adjacent towns which would make the number around 40%. Florida was 2nd with 14 or 8%.. Furthest traveled; Rich Perugini, Alaska/Washington.

We started at the Yankee Pedlar, November 2008

  We ended at Fairview Farms, Sunday, October 4, 2009

Below: The Saint Francis gang ! Note the photo of Madeline Doyle being held by Dick Maine, as Madeline could not make it Saturday night. Now that's class !!!


Below: The Torringford School graduates. Wait a minute, how does Sandra B. get in this pic AND St Francis's ???? Please note that I'm hoping to get digital images from our photographer and have all schools represented. The two shown are from scans of my St Francis original, and Will Revaz's Torringford photo. (Thanks Will !)


It was "The Reunion of a Lifetime", exactly as promised !!! Above, most of the committee celebrates on the patio of the beautiful Fairview Farms Golf Club in Harwinton. Missing from photo was Pat Cable Thompson and Joyce Regis Hock is hidden from view in the upper photo. Thanks to all our classmates for making the trip and helping our class celebrate our Golden Anniversary !!!

Allen Guilmart, Died 10-25-09